Professional Heavy Construction in Mississippi!

Construction Plus LLC has been a well respected heavy construction contractors in the Meridian, Jackson and South Mississippi area since our inception 1999. Specializing in Earth Work, Laser Grading, Demolition, Hauling, Excavating, Storm Drain Construction, Clearing and Grubbing, Site work, Erosion Control Specialist, Concrete and Asphalt Paving, Decorative Concrete and Underground Utility Work.

We believe in honesty, open communication, reliability, customer service, timeliness and managing every project we undertake in a cost effective way so that we can complete every job on time and within budget.

We provide complete heavy construction Work Services in both the government and private sectors in the Mississippi area, and we handle everything from demolition projects to road construction. Our biggest assets are our talented, educated, highly experienced staff, and our dedicated, hard working, safety conscious contractors. Anyone that walks on any of our work sites exhibits the height of professionalism at all times.

Construction Plus, LLC may not be the Largest Heavy Construction constructors in Mississippi area or the most expensive contractor in the Mississippi area, but we are simply the one of best and most customer oriented general contractor you will find anywhere. If you have any type of construction project, Construction Plus, LLC will consult with you, find your unique needs, and see if we can devise a solution to fit your desires and your budget.

When you hire Construction Plus, you're hiring peace of mind in regards to your project. We have plenty of samples to show you along with references and pictures of past successful projects readily available at your request. Contracting is not an exact science, regardless of what anyone tells you. It is a fluid process, so you need skilled laborers and craftsmen with the experience to overcome issues that arise on the job and who can adapt to make your project work. Construction Plus pride ourselves on our ability to do just that.

We have an excellent reputation and we are fully insured and bonded, and are renowned for spectacular customer service. Most of all, we are very proud of our staff and our sub-contractors, and are sure you will be too, as proud as you will be of your construction project when it is complete. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully from helping your realize your project. Feel free to call Construction Plus with any questions or you can simply contact us on our contact page on this website.

For more information about our company, please contact us by phone at (601) 553-3105 or by email.